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What we do

We make websites

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Websites from scratch

  • CMS sites and blogs

'Efficient' websites

  • Fully responsive websites

  • Sites that work on all browsers

  • Always watching for new trends

  • Cheap domains & hosting

Awesome SEO

  • Optimize all files

  • Super fast page speed

  • Improve Google search rankings

  • Help with Google Analytics

And more...

  • Help with programming

  • Brand identity advice

  • Help out with useful resources

  • Answer web development questions

This is not a business. We are not looking for work... but we don't mind helping people where we can.

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Who we are



Web Developer

Zander graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2016 with an Honours degree in Web Systems Development. In the four years he covered a variety of modules from different computing backgrounds such as:

  • Computer Games Design

  • Computer Games Programming

  • Web Design

  • Web Programming

  • IT Project Management

  • Computer Architecture

  • Database Systems Development

  • Mobile Device Programming

  • Cloud Platform Development

  • and more...

Zander has worked as a Front End Web Developer since April 2017, which means he now has 1 year of professional experience. In this time he has received help from other developers with more experience than him and is learning more and more every day he works.

Zander loves learning to further his knowledge in Web Development and uses various online learning platforms. Some courses he has completed are:

  • NodeJS Basics

  • Express Basics

  • Npm Basics

  • Bootstrap4 Basics

  • ReactJS Basics

  • Design Foundations

  • SEO Basics

  • How to Freelance

  • Copyright Basics

  • JQuery Plugins

  • Typography Basics

  • Brand Identity Basics

  • Website Optimization

  • and more...

His weakness is graphics design and is limited to online resources for icons etc. He would really love to get experienced with Adobe Illustrator.




William has always had an interest in computers and is currently studying Software Development at City of Glasgow College in a course that leads on to University.

So far he has covered modules such as:

  • Software Development

  • Developing Mobile Technology

  • Games Design

  • Games Development

  • Project Management

  • Professionalism & Ethics

  • And more...

William has self taught himself alot of things and has experience using Linux, automation bots, and managing servers.

In addition to this:

  • He helps to moderate online forums and websites.

  • He studied modifications for games which allowed for more functionality from the Xbox 360.

  • He could modify control pads and create custom servers of games that were tweaked to his own liking.

  • He is good at finding work arounds to gain access to secure content.

  • He has studied black hat tactics which have strengthened his cyber security skills.

MOS Certificate

William is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

In his own time he uses online learning platforms for learning subjects which he finds interesting. These include Java, Web Design and Web Development.

DrumDev is a platform we have set up to mess about with web design features and practice working on improving our skills. It’s a bit of fun with the potential of being took further in the future. Future plans could be to run a web design and web development company offering various services. Teaching people in the community how to code is also a possibility.

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Our Work



Created in April 2018 for a friend. Designed and created completely from scratch.

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CMS Blog Site

Weegie in the toon!

Created in early 2018 for a friend using Webflow. It is a site for posting blogs and uses a Content Management System.

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Shannexx Photography

Shannexx Photography

Created in January 2018 for a friend using Webflow. Photography is her hobby and this helps to boost her online presence.

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Drumchapel Foodbank

Drumchapel Foodbank

Zander's first ever project made from scratch while helping out at DFB. Currently not in use but can still be viewed.

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CCTV Scotland

CCTV Scotland

This is a fictional CCTV company that was made for practice with Bootstrap. Thought I'd share it anyway.

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Save Small Tribes Trust

Save Small Tribes Trust

Started in 2016 for a family friend but never received any content so it was stopped at an early stage.

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Latest News

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And we are live!

DrumDev is now online! Visit our Wordpress Blog to read our first ever blog post.

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Posted on 08/10/17

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First steps...

Read this blog post to find out more about the initial plans we have lined up for DrumDev.

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Posted on 09/10/17

Inspirations Image


This post talks about people we admire for their hard work while facing struggles.

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DrumDev FAQ

Find answers to questions you might have in our Frequently Asked Questions post.

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